Trustee Meeting Information - 1/1/2018


Next Meeting: May 2nd, 2017 at 7:00 PM BHS Library


Bay Athletic Hall of Fame Meeting recap 09292016

Attendees:  Luke Alteri, Jim Cahoon, Joe Knap, Bill Landers, Peg Liberatore, Jason Martin, Michael Masterson, Al Nelson, Kari Nelson, Matt Spellman


We discussed induction weekend and reflected on what went well and where we see opportunities for improvement

-  We talked about providing food for inductees and family at Bay Lodge – i.e. pizza, wings, subs
-  Proposal to alter the start time of Bay Lodge to 4:30 PM and then proceed to BHS Pavilion at 6:15 PM.  This will allow inductees to interact with more people that might not go to Bay Lodge.  It was also suggested to have easels and plaques displayed at the Pavilion and food could be provided at the Pavilion as well.
- Transportation to/from the Lodge was also discussed.  Adding a shuttle was suggested as an option.  Securing parking spots at the High School for Inductees worked well this year and could be done in future years if necessary.
- There was discussion that all Committee members should make a commitment to be present at all Induction weekend activities – this includes Pre-Lodge, Game, Post-Lodge, and Banquet.

- There was confusion at the Welcome table on who had paid and who had not paid.  In the future we will look at ways to improve this process, possibly funneling all reservations through Kari and Peg.

Communication was discussed as a general topic

- We talked about the importance of setting deadlines for receiving Inductee information (pictures, bullet points, etc.).  Information came in very late this year and jeopardized finalizing programs/plaques.
- We talked about including Testimonials on the Bay Hall of Fame web site from previous inductees as a method of improving team member turnout.  Peg offered to get an initial testimonial from her brother.
- We discussed creating a comprehensive list of email addresses for prior Inductees.  This would allow us to invite prior inductees back to future Induction activities.  Jim and Matt will work on an initial list and we will review gaps at our next meeting.

- We talked about assigning a committee member to Teams.  This should help improve team member turnout going forward.

Ongoing issue of Induction Speeches

- We talked about ways to shorten the length of Induction speeches.  There was a suggestion raised to have Committee members do the introduction speeches as opposed to allowing the Inductee to select who introduces them.  We did not reach a final decision but we agreed to continue discussing this proposal at our next meeting.

Financial Update

- We reviewed our current financial situation.  Current balance is $5,400. 

- We agreed to provide a gift card to Keri Alteri for all the hard work she provides for Induction weekend. 

State Champions

- We reviewed a proposed schedule for inducting State Champion teams that aren’t yet in the Hall of Fame.  We will pick up this discussion at our next meeting in April with the intent of solidifying a schedule.

Trustee Review

- We talked about reviewing the current Trustee list and determining whether there are some Trustees that should move to Emeritus status or be removed. 

- For our next meeting we will review the list of current Trustees and make recommendations.  We will also discuss potential new Trustees to be added.

Plaque Distribution

- We discussed the leftover plaques from this year.  There was a suggestion made that we should email the team members letting them know that they can pick up the plaques at BHS.  Shipping the plaques is cost prohibitive.

- In the future we will closely monitor the number of team members that are committed to attending the banquet to determine the number of plaques that we order/create.

2018 Induction Weekend

- Induction Weekend in 2018 has been scheduled for 8/31 - 9/1

- Fountain Bleau has been reserved for 9/1/2018


Go Rockets,